School of System Socionics

“Practice is the proof of the truth”

Welcome to the School of System Socionics!

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Socionics is a young and promising science that studies information interaction of the mind with the world in terms of modeling.

Socionics has emerged in the 70-ies of the twentieth century, thanks to an ingenious idea of Lithuanian researcher Aushra Augustinavichiute.

The main difference of socionics from other of Human Sciences consists in applying a model-based approach to information processing in the psyche.

The model proposed by Ausra and further improved by a group of Kiev Socionists, is similar to models used in the natural sciences. It is a schematic substitute of such a complex real object as the human psyche. Despite its simplicity, Socionics is amazingly deep and accurately explains many phenomena of psychology and sociology.

Practical applications of Socionics are wide and lie in the areas of: personality study, interpersonal relationships, HR, communication, and many others.

Unfortunately, at the present time we have a situation when many practitioners of socionics deliberately or unknowingly do not use the powerful tool that Ausra Augustinavichiute has given us - the A-model. When they encounter any difficulties in interpreting their observations within the framework of the A-model, the next thing they do is totally reject the A-model and invent instead their own sophisticated fast-cooked theories. Often they do it without sufficient study of the phenomena, and sometimes even violate principles of scientific methodology.

This site is aimed to present the approach of the School of System Socionics (SSS). Our work is focused mainly on practical applications of the theory: problems of reliable TIM identification, applications to personality-related problems, and elaboration of socionic technologies.

Our slogan is: "Practice is the proof of the truth."

Any theory must be workable! We are here to offer all interested people an opportunity to see how efficient socionics can be, and possibly lift the veil of the unknown ...