School of System Socionics

“Practice is the proof of the truth”

TIM Models descriptions

The abstract А-Model has 16 different instance models, each of them define a particular type of information metabolism (TIM). Altogether there are 16 instance models of information processing, hence, 16 TIMs. This section contains descriptions of these 16 models.

A TIM model - is a formula that describes in its formal language characteristics of the information processing by the psyche. Although a TIM model is accurate, it is presented in a specific form, which could be hard to understand. To help exemplify the model, one could make a collective description of the brightest representatives of each TIM. But even so these descriptions would be greatly generalized. For the sake of simplification they are always compromizing with the truth.

Descriptions presented in this section, unlike descriptions made by other authors, attempt to isolate particulars related to differeces of personal story factors from the specific TIM-related characteristics. It is an effort to present descriptions of the TIM models, rather than descriptions of particular representatives of the TIMs.