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Indicators of the sign of a function

«Departure from negative»

It is possible due to two reasons:

  • a function has the «plus» sign, so a person does not versed in the «minus» area. He departs from «minus» because he gets lost there, he does not know how to react to «minus»;
  • a function has the «minus» sign, but a person does not want to stay in the «minus» area because it is more convenient to him. He can orient in the «minus» area, but he chooses the «plus» area.

It is desirable to check both items, to compare to other answers on this information element. It is necessary to consider all properties of the sign: quality, distance, direction, scale. When departing from the negative area (in the quality feature), the «minus» sign can reveal itself in distance, direction, scale features.

For example, if a person does not want to show the negative attitude (the quality feature of the sign), but considers relationships on the large distance, globally, the relationships in general, unlike the concrete relationships with the specific person, the R-function has the «minus» sign. To verify this, ask other questions about negative relationships (create a different situation) to identify the orientation in the "minus" area by feature — «quality».

An answer begins from examples, there is no generalization

  • A plus signed function
  • Irrationality of thinking
  • An answer from vital track functions

Avoiding of the negative information, refusal from everything that is NOT...

  • A plus signed function

It is necessary to distinguish from departure from «minus» in a minus signed function, which simply makes a choice.

Concretization, going into details

  • A plus signed function

Limitation, narrowing the area of competence. Local scale

  • A plus signed function
  • The vital quality of information processing (if there is only affirmation of own individual understanding).

Inward direction of the area

  • A plus signed function

The choice of only positive (by quality) area

  • A plus signed function

Disorientation in the negative area

  • A plus signed function

Orientation in the negative area

  • A minus signed function

There is generalization and concretization

  • A minus signed function


  • A minus signed function

Global thinking, abstract thinking

  • A minus signed function
  • The function 1

Outward direction of the area

  • A minus signed function

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