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The «scale» feature of the sign

The «scale» feature of a «plus» signed function means locality, a «close-up», specifics, detailed elaboration within its scope. 
The «scale» feature of a «minus» signed function means globality, a general view, generality of the function.

If we represent the «scale» feature metaphorically, work of a «plus» function may be compared to a corkscrew, which constantly plunges into some area; the deeper the narrower the space, but the details are more precise. «Minus» is, on the contrary, —widening, unwinding the coil, covering more space with less details.

The «scale» feature is seen brightest in the functions processing information of such information elements: L (structural logic), P (practical logic), T (temporal intuition), I (potentiality intuition), R (relational ethics), S (experiential sensing).

— You said you had a good intuition. Then why do you find it difficult to make forecasts?
— «Events» is the key word. It is difficult to make forecasts concerning events. I make forecasts (although it is an inappropriate word, it would be more precise to say something like «I foresee» or «I feel» in the future) the general situation, condition, balance of forces, «aesthetics of the position», but not the specific events. They can be pretty random. It is necessary to start analyzing rather minutely in order to access the events and times when they happen; I manage to do it seldom and with a lot of effort.

- T (Intuitive ethical introvert — TE)

— What is the peculiarity of your outlook on life? 
— Not on life; on things! As I understand, they mean that I see things at a specific angle; I can give a piece of advice concerning possible solutions for certain situations; to explain the way things are. Examples... I take it for granted.

— What do you mean by the term «thing»?
An outlook on life is something more global, an outlook on things is more specific. Life is some kind of an interaction space of the things.

+I (Intuitive logical extravert — IL)

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