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The «distance» feature of the sign

The «distance» feature of a «plus» signed function means small psychological distance 
The «distance» feature of a «minus» signed function means large psychological distance

The «distance» feature is seen brightest in functions processing information of such information elements: R (relational ethics), F (volitional sensing). The term «psychological distance» is semantically connected with R (relationship) and F (borders) information elements.

Small psychological distance (the plus sign) means a close narrow circle of communication.
Large psychological distance (the minus sign) means a wide circle of communication.

According to our observations the features of «distance» and «direction» reveal themselves only in functions that process information on the information elements of ethics and sensing, and in their meaning they are logical continuation of the «scale» feature, therefore they can be viewed as a special case of a more common feature of the sign – «the scale».

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